Valor is a Community of Believers

Valor is a community of believers being raised up together, with each person, young and old – being drawn closer to the Lord in relationship with Jesus as His disciples and ambassadors.  

To be in community, we need to spend time together both inside and outside of school.  Parents and Grandparents assist and lead classes at Valor.  We ask families to be a part of onsite classes each week.  They are supported by missional teachers and volunteers who feel called to Valor.  Education hours are split between onsite schooling and at-home schooling. Our schedule consists of 6 six-week sessions with a one week break in between each session.  Each session has a different focus area such as Exploring Creation, Abiding in the Father’s Heart and Building Kingdom Character.

To learn more about what we believe and what serves as the foundation for all that we teach, see our Articles of Faith.

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valor is an educational resource center

​Valor is an Educational Resource Center operating as a Homeschool Coop.  Parents and families are an integral part of this work since the Lord instituted family and chose to knit together each one uniquely.  Parents are ultimately responsible for the education of their children but it is God’s heart for the family to have the support that they need to teach and reach the whole child – mind, body and spirit.  Classrooms (we call Tribes) are established with children of different ages similar to the concept of a one room school house where children can progress at their own best pace.  


If parents, family, and educators do not pour the truth about a child's identity into them, the world will.  The world speaks to children that they do not have any value, even sometimes that they were a mistake.

The truth is that each child has value.  In fact, each child was worth the life of Christ.  VCA believes that we must pour the truth of each child's identity in Christ into them, to help them discern their gifts, and equip them to walk in the calling that God has given to each one.


Together with families, Valor will partner to teach each child to understand that they were created for a purpose and that their life has meaning.  The world wants children to believe that their life will never amount to anything.  Jesus wants each child to know in their heart that they are special and worthy of the calling that they have been given.

Our purpose is to help each child discern the calling that is on their life, and to equip them to walk in that calling with the Lord.