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Teaching and Reaching the Whole Child - Mind, Body & SPIRIT - For Christ​

Our Process for Enrollment:

  1. Attend an upcoming Open House to see for yourself what the Lord is doing at Valor.  Tour our Education Center located just off Maple Street on 80th.
  2. Seek God whether He would have you enroll your child(ren) at Valor.  Pray for discernment for your family and for God's will to be done in your life.  Seek Him for understanding on the resources available to you to partner with Valor's teachers and staff to Raise up Your Child as an Ambassador of Christ!
  3. Call to schedule a one-on-one meeting between your family and Valor leadership.  All parental authorities must be present for the child(ren) that are seeking enrollment.  Following the meeting, together we will pray for discernment whether the Lord would have you enroll your child(ren) at Valor.
  4. If you feel called by God to enroll, you will be given an application packet to complete and return with a $100 registration fee (per family).
  5. Valor leadership will review your application materials and notify you of acceptance.  If accepted, an enrollment fee of $250 per child is required to hold your child's place.  The fee goes towards purchase of curriculum and supplies for your child for the school year.  We do NOT charge monthly tuition.  We do ask families to partner with us in sharing their resources as God calls them to.

Registration for 2017/18 Closes Soon!

Language Arts

  • ​Rod and Staff reading, phonics, spelling, and comprehension

  • The Daily Five - a framework for literacy

  • ​Heaven's Curriculum (4th to 12th grade)


  • Saxon - an integrated and connected approach


  • Sonlight - a joyful adventure of discovery through hands-on experiments and the scientific process

  • Rod and Staff

Social Studies

  • A Beka - Focus on student, family, church, community, state, country and onward​

  • Geography - Discovering the significance of the world that God chose to create


  • ​Disciplelands - lead and challenge children to become victorious disciples of Jesus Christ

  • Missionary stories - introduce children to the lives of real people who live their lives for God

Weekly Specials

  • Music

  • Spanish

  • ​Health

  • Art

  • ​Library

  • Dance

Differentiated instruction:

Valor is committed to providing excellent academic instruction and we will continually reflect and seek to improve our teaching methods and content.  We believe strongly that we are to listen to the Holy Spirit as He is the source of all creativity and wisdom - including in our classrooms.  We know He will direct us how to teach and reach each child.  Teachers will get to know their students and tailor the curriculum, ensuring each child reaches their full potential.

Multiage Instruction

​At Valor, all students will explore, learn and lead in multiage classrooms.  There are many benefits to this exceptional learning format.  In a multiage classroom you will see: students of different ages and abilities, teachers instroducing core concepts to the whole class, teachers working with small groups of students where more focused instruction occurs (differentiation), students helping and teaching other students, and lots of opportunities for students to collaborate in a supportive and caring environment.

Curriculum with a Biblical Foundation

   Kindergarten through 12th grade              8:00 - 3:15​ 


Homeschool Partnership options also offered.  Contact us for details.       

Family Friendly!

We want to make Christian education accessible to all families.  We believe we are to turn no one away because of financial limitations.  God reassures us "I will provide!"


Contact us for more information.

At Valor Christian Academy, we are called to make education meet the needs of each unique child of God so they can reach their full potential. 

Maximize learning potential:

Understand the learning style of each unique child to help them develop 

Educate their mind:

Encourage learning through exploration in reading and writing

Creativity through music, art, and dance

Invention during hands-on science and social studies

Growth in Language through Spanish

​Strengthen their body:

Realize the full capability of the body we were given by God

​Development of physical gifts, activity, exercise, nutrition, and strength

Living out the fruit of the Spirit: Galatians 5:22-23

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control

Walking in the gifts of the Spirit: 1 Corinthians 12:3-11

​Wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, powers, prophecy, discernment, and prayer language

School Year 2014/15